World domination – so close you can taste it

Over the two weeks of our visit to Scandinavia, we heard people from differently sized companies in various industries speak about what the “Scandinavian” culture did for their companies’ success. They spoke of how the size of the country and the tax structure encouraged early international expansion. We learned how a more homogenous culture could […]

Diverse drinking

In Sweden, as in the U.S., people are bombarded by advertisements – in public transportation, on television, on billboards on the side of the street. There are ads for a variety of products in many industries and the general aesthetic is generally similar. We have found that advertisements tend to have very clean lines and […]

It’s all about the package.

Upon entering Sweden, we were exposed to the everyday lives of Swedish citizens. Immediately, we noticed that there was an air of simplicity to the daily habits we observed. People are pragmatic in their dress, wearing sneakers everywhere, to accommodate cobblestone sidewalks and on-foot journeys from place-to-place. While there were cars on the road, they […]

The Character of a Country

Each person has their own pathway to cultural understanding: food, public transportation, museums, Wikipedia. We both made friends on the plane, before even setting foot on Swedish soil. They were all too happy to share stories and cultural insights and make suggestions bound to influence our plans over the next two weeks. With only a […]