Tack-you Sweden

Hello from Gothenburg! During our last stop through Sweden, we have found ourselves in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. In such a short amount of time we have explored and obtained a vast knowledge of the Scandinavian outlook on business throughout our visits to numerous companies. We have been beyond lucky to […]

Malmö Money, Mo Problems with Office Space

Hello to the rainy little town of Malmö! As Sweden’s third largest city we had the pleasure of exploring the southernmost part of Sweden. We traveled to Lund, Smygehuk, and Skanör which all well illustrated the beauty of the souths’ culture. Here in Malmö, we had the pleasure of visiting a company called Media Evolution […]

Swede-sational Business!

We had the opportunity today to visit Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council, at the World Trade Center in Stockholm, Sweden. We heard from the Head of Business Ecosystems in Life Science and Digital Technologies, Cecilia Oberg Leiram. Their mission is to allow the opportunity for international companies to invest and expand in […]

ABBA-soluteley Innovative

We had the opportunity to visit the company Sinch today on this beautiful rainy day. Sinch is a cloud-based communication platform that sends people personal and interactive text messages from companies. Businesses can send out memos to customers using Sinch’s automated services. Some of these messages entail things such as reminders or confirmations. Walking through […]

Swede Life Back In School

Today we had the chance to explore the Scandinavian perspective of higher education and business school within Stockholm University. As Stockholm’s first “modern” university, we got the chance to walk through parts of campus and live our college experience from within Europe. The university has been around since the 60’s and provides free education for […]

IKEA-n’t even wait!

Hi everyone, Nina and Shiva here! We are both currently graduate students at Chapman University in the Master of Business Administration program. We are so excited to be a part of the business in Scandinavia program traveling to Sweden and visiting Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg. Having a well-versed travel background, we both are looking forward […]