IKEA-n’t even wait!

Hi everyone, Nina and Shiva here! We are both currently graduate students at Chapman University in the Master of Business Administration program. We are so excited to be a part of the business in Scandinavia program traveling to Sweden and visiting Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg.

Having a well-versed travel background, we both are looking forward to expanding our experiences further. We each have specific interests that we are hoping to explore throughout our trip. Nina received her bachelor’s in Anthropology which embodies the cultural and linguistic aspects related to this course. She is fascinated by the many diverse cultures and complexities behind human societies. Having taken multiple Scandinavian classes in undergrad, she is thrilled to finally experience Sweden firsthand. Shiva majored in Environmental Economics & Policy during her time as an undergraduate student. She is intrigued by the difference in focus and value placed on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues between different cultures and parts of the world.

Through this travel program, we are eager to put our business background into play. Learning objectives we hope to take away are a stronger sense of understanding in the business realm. It can be assumed that every company has its differences, and this experience will ultimately expand our notion between the intricacies. Sweden is a leading innovator with a dynamic economy. Its liberal and open approach plays as a key feature in the business realm. We can’t wait to be in Scandinavia and be exposed to the rich culture and business environment!