The Sustainability of People

One of the most memorable trips during our adventure in Sweden has to be when Scott and I were inducted into the brand behind the Volvo Car Group. From learning the history behind the brand to the reasons the company is legendary in making cars leading in safety standards, we were able to tour the […]

The Not So Small Start-up

On one of our visits, Scott and I, along with the rest of our class, visited Klarna. Klarna is a European leader in ecommerce payment processing for online transactions in Europe. While it’s history may be short, it’s a little more than six years old, it is showing large signs of growth. This can be […]

Scandinavia the Way Forward?

Here we come Scandinavia! We are Jeff and Scott representing the town of Visby. We are both MBA candidates traveling with Chapman University to see Scandinavian’s business culture upfront. In doing so we will be going into meetings with a number of executives at Scandinavian based companies. These meetings will be at such companies as: […]