Scandinavia the Way Forward?

Here we come Scandinavia! We are Jeff and Scott representing the town of Visby. We are both MBA candidates traveling with Chapman University to see Scandinavian's business culture upfront. In doing so we will be going into meetings with a number of executives at Scandinavian based companies. These meetings will be at such companies as: Ericsson, Klarna, Saab Aero, Volvo and more. We are interested in the technology, business models, and sustainability within these companies. We both have a strong taste for clean technology and look to develop some stories about that as well.

Economists are consistently saying that Scandinavia is the new supermodel for business. We are excited in seeing first hand if this is true or not. Either way, we will be learning from those in the business world who are successful and have plenty of knowledge to share.

What you can expect is great insight on these topics and other from up-and-coming forces in the business world.

Along with our classmates contributing to other posts, this blog will serve as a great source of information for anyone interested in business in Scandinavia and the culture around it.

Look for our posts to come on this site, discussing what we have learned from this great opportunity and more.