Bonus: Gothenberg Cultural Experience

Having done my undergrad at Chapman as well, I was a very active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the co-ed business fraternity on campus. This experience led me to meet brothers from all majors, backgrounds, and places. Three years out from his graduation, I finally got to visit my AKPsi uncle, Filip, in my Greek […]


Catching a train from Gothenburg, our final leg of this trip landed us in Denmark! Aquaporin,  a global water technology company dedicated to revolutionizing water purification through the use of industrial biotechnological techniques and thinking, was our first stop. Immediately upon walking in you can’t ignore the architecture of the office. It offers a clean […]


Our first visit in Gothenberg was at Volvo which in Latin roots means “to roll.” The factory tour consisted of a blue train taking us through one of the cleanest, most efficient body shops, press shop, paint shop, and quality control. This factory only makes to order their vehicles meaning everything has already been purchased […]

Stockholm Part II

Finland is a home market for many Swedish companies but the potential for sales, R&D co-operation, and tested activities is best unleashed with permanent presence in the Finnish and market. This was a key discussion point during our visit at the Finnish Embassy once we were back in Stockholm following the Innovation Loop Conference in […]


For the next leg of our trip, we travelled as far north as I think most of us have ever been: the small town of Lycksele, which is located in the Västerbotten region. We arrived to take part in an Innovation Loop conference. We all knew that we would be taking part in the conference […]

Stockholm Part I

For our blog, we will be focusing on Scandinavian cultural aspects and how they influence business, innovation, and growth in Sweden and Denmark. At Dagens Samhalle, a news publication focusing on the public sector, we were given a crash course on Swedish life and systems. From a distance, it may seem that Swedish and American […]