Bonus: Gothenberg Cultural Experience

Having done my undergrad at Chapman as well, I was a very active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the co-ed business fraternity on campus. This experience led me to meet brothers from all majors, backgrounds, and places. Three years out from his graduation, I finally got to visit my AKPsi uncle, Filip, in my Greek family who now lives in Gothenberg with his beautiful family.

Filip Westlander is a Corporate Bond Broker at Jool Capital Partner AB, a market leader in the Nordic corporate bond market in the SEK 30–200 million segment focusing mainly on corporate bonds and fixed income investments. For working in the finance industry, his schedule is fairly reasonable with a normal 8-6 pm workday. Additionally, he received 3 months of paternal leave that can be spread out, following the birth of his daughter. His wife, Josefine, who works in HR is allowed an entire year off and full job security upon her return.

He graciously invited me over for drinks and dinner which was only a short tram ride away from our hotel at Central Station. This was my only experience during the trip of being in a home and getting a taste of Swedish life. We made some light caprese salad and grilled pork chops which is a fairly typical meal here, that is low in carbs and high nutrient content. The Swedes are very health conscious and you can see that with the abundance of juice shops and produce stands in the streets as well as portion control.

Their third story apartment in true Scandinavian form was very cleanly designed with all kitchen cabinets and appliances flush to the walls and light colors scattered throughout. This apartment in particular is unique as they recently added a balcony that serves as an entertainment area. Scandinavian design I noticed includes many outdoor elements in the home which offers some greenery to apartment style living. We talked about everything from the upcoming election in Sweden with their parties to the “cheap” food in Southern California. I was so happy to have this visit and it was definitely a highlight of my trip!