Too Big to Bail

Mark and I ended our trip with visits that peaked the interest of all of the financial emphasis MBA candidates in the program – trips to two of Scandinavia’s largest banks. From discussions on the step-by-step growth of Nordea bank to discussions on the size of Scandinavian banks relative to central governments at the National […]

Sustainable Shipping and Recycling – That’s the Stena Way

The last day in Sweden led to a surprise visit for Mark and I when we visited Stena Line, the private shipping company that has built itself up for the past 50 years to become a major player in the Northern European shipping and green tech markets in multiple sectors, including commercial transport, consumer ferries, […]

A Common Thread

On our second day of visiting companies, Mark and I came across a very interesting company called Eveo that deals with assisting home care to the elderly and disabled. Catering mostly to Sweden’s large immigrant population of approximately one million, (many of whom do not speak the native language), the company is entirely funded by […]

Viva La Scandinavia!!

Ladies and gentleman…here we come!! This is Mark Arjona and I representing Team Gothenburg!!! We are both very excited for this opportunity to travel to Scandinavia along with fellow classmates thanks to Chapman University’s MBA Program. This will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience as we get to meet with several companies learning […]