Team Potatis: Safety Test of Volvo


The name Volvo comes from the Spanish verb verver which means to roll. Volvo means ” I roll”. Volvo was founded in 1924 By two visionaries Assar Gabrielson and Gustaf Larson. Volvo prides its self with safety. For them they can never under any circumstances compromise the safety of the passengers.  We had a great time taking Volvo cars for a test drive. It was pretty cool. The more reason  to take a travel class.
Our team-Janet and Monica had the rare opportunity to witness the extent to which a volvo car is safe.  We got into an accident during the test drive!  On the last turn of the test drive, suddenly realized we're off  the road, the white SUV headed for the bush, then it turned and stopped.  I could tell that we were fine everything else had calmed down not even a scratch from the both of us. This got us to appreciate the safety of a Volvo car. Volvo is known for safety. It is the kind of car you want to have if to have a family you love and care about because you want them to be safe in case  that dreadful event of an accident happens.The seat belts holds you tight so that you re not swerved around or bang your head. The sides of the car are also fitted with steel rods that spread the impact in the event that someone hits you from the side,  the car will not cave in so much that you are hurt. The car also has two air bags to prevents you from bumping into the  Stirring wheel and the other protects you from being thrown out off the car and having your head hit the sides of the car.  Volvo continues to improve the safety of passengers. since a lot of accidents are due to human error the goal is to have a driverless car in which you do not need to always be on the wheel while driving.


scene of the accident