The Vasa: The world’s only preserved Seventeenth Century Ship







When you go to Stockholm City, You will be taken away by its beauty. The people are warm and friendly and most of the building are not just plane they have character, and tell a lot about the history of Sweden. One of the most marvelous places to visit is the Vasa Museum. It will take you back in time to 1628. In this period ships were the most sophisticated means of transport. The Vasa was King Gustav Adolf’s mighty ship. It was intended for a major role in the Swedish Navy. But fate decreed otherwise. Shortly after embarking on her maiden voyage in 1628, she took in water and drowned. More than 1000 people died. Unfortunately the she was not stable enough. Amazingly the vasa was salvaged after 333 years on the bottom of Stockholm’s Strom. Adorned with more than 700 curved sculptures, she is also a unique treasury of art. When you go to the museum you will see several exhibitions they will tell you a remarkable story of the Vasa, how she was built, her voyage, why she took in water, and the fate of the sailors. It will give you an insight into the seventeenth century. Take you to a place you have never been before.