TOP 10 Swedish Sustainable Brands of 2011

1. Coop- retail chain, grocery
2. ICA- retail store, grocery/market/convenience store
3. Volvo- heavy equipment, cars, trucks
4. Arla- milk, dairy
5. Ikea- furniture
6. Lantmännen- energy and agriculture
7. Saab- car
8. Skånemejerier- cooperative, dairy products
9. Systembolaget- liquor store
10. Bilprovningen- motor vehicle inspection company

It appears that the top sustainable brands are in different industries. I was surprised to see the variety. I guess I didn’t know what to expect on what the top sustainable brands would be. It’s interesting to see that grocery chains and liquor stores are part of the top 10. I’m not surprised Ikea made it.

According to the Sustainable Brands survey, over 3,000 consumers gave their opinions on 151 companies and they ranked them on the topics such as environmental responsibility, human rights, and good working conditions.

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