The Solander Science Park Visit (VIPP System Discussion)

Honestly I do not from where to start, because we are having many things to write about. We keep moving from a place to another. Probably you will see I am writing about events that are not in order as our trip schedule does. I could write tons of pages about each place we visit. The corporate visit to one of very well known in Sweden as a clean energy company is Solander Science Park. They became today a center for research, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. They are number one in this industry that providing knowledge and services to both established and new companies who are willing to develop, expand and prosper locally as well as internationally. There huge database has helped them to expand their network, which the companies to grow up by offering them different types of lectures, seminars and forums in order to gather all parties in one spot and discuss growth issues, problems and opportunities.

The company big step right now is the new project they are doing now call VIPP-system. It is kind of a small-scale combined heat and power system based on the gasification of bio fuels. This project will have high efficiency in producing both electricity and heat as well. This visit has give me better idea of how Sweden is almost taking the lead in this industry and still looking to get more information in another type of clean tech/energy.

Luisa Valera, Ebrahim, Jonathan Ruffalo “The Great”