International Business & Clean Energy


  1. This seems to be an interesting use of rotor technology for helicopters. I am very interested to see the use in Qatar.

  2. We are planing to find Clean Tech in Sweden that could provide the World Cup team in Qatar to implementing there ideas. The Football World Cup in 2022 is being held in Qatar, where the capital Doha gets temperatures of 41°C -50°C (106F-122F), so Qatar University (QU) scientists are going to make artificial clouds to cool the footballers and fans in the stadiums. Stadiums such as Lusail Iconic Stadium will have cooling of up to 20°C (36F), and will have a zero carbon footprint through using solar power generation to provide power.

    • This could prove to be a very good match as Sweden is known for its international commerce and collaboration throughout the globe. They are a technology hub for innovation and conservation.

      • I just learned that Qatar has the hisgeht per capita CO2 emissions in the world a factor of two higher than the runner up, Kuwait, and three times higher than the US. I wonder if they’re already in the habit of air conditioning outdoor stadiums?They allow women to both drive and vote, which surprised me. So, things could be worse, but applauding Qatar for women’s rights is sort of like saying someone is a great dad because he never beats his kids.