Team Potatis: First experience of Swedish Culture

First experience of Swedish Culture





Please check this interview:


On our first night to Sweden we were very interested in meeting the local people and engaging in conversations about Sweden with them. They were very friendly and willing to answer our questions. One of the people we met was Jonas, a native of Gothenburg; He is married and has two children in Gothenburg. He liked to go out on a Sunday night, at a local bar with his friends; while his wife is at home relaxing with the children. He was very friendly, In this interview he says that he enjoys being a father to his son and daughter because he can see his own children go through life and be happy for instance his son grows up to meet a beautiful wife and his daughter has a happy family like his. He says that the best place to visit in Sweden is Gothenburg. Surprisingly Gothenburg experiences snow on average two week in a year. It is however very rainy for like six months and only day light for seven hours. In the summer it is the best time because the sun comes out from 4:00 am to 10:00 pm. The lavender blossoms in summer covering the hill tops making Gothenburg light up like a fairy tale town. We thought this town looks like a story town the building remind you of an old castle and fairy tales. We would recommend you visit and see for yourself.