Team öl snälla: Creative Summit 2014

June 12- June 13, 2014:

Our class had the honor of attending one of Sweden’s most unique marketing conventions called Creative Summit located in Skellefteå, at the Nordanå Theater. The purpose of Creative Summit is to bring creative minds from around the world together and allow them to share their stories while networking with other creatives for two days. This allows participants to gain a further understanding of different types of people and gain knowledge that can only be acquired by hearing different people’s perspectives around the world. The overall list of speakers this year for 2014 were: Emma Wiseman, Paula Zuccotti, Liz Sivell, Christos Apartoglou, John Fahlgren, Martin Centerman, Kawehi, David Sandborg, Linus Andersson, Tobias Ekland, Kai Brach, and our professor Niklas Myhr. Kai Brach and John Fahlgren will be the main topic of this blog.

Kai Brach has had 10 years as a web experience and decided in 2012 to create his own publication called “Offscreen” where he plays the role as publisher, editor, and art director. Brach felt that digital reading has taken away the real experience and feeling of turning a page in real life.  This idea turned into “Offscreen” which is a limited run magazine that explores the life and the work of people who use the Internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. Brach informed us listeners that the road to successfully publish the magazine was a long one and after many attempts of finding investors, he finally decided to use his own life savings as the initial startup costs for the publication. Several problems that arose during he development process where shipping fees, long wait periods for customers to receive their magazine, and finding the marketing channel to advertise his product. Although Brach had all these initial problems, he was able to over come them by cleverly thinking of cutting his fixed costs. One example of this is he ships all his magazines himself without a 3rd party distributor. Brach discovered being his own distribution system allowed him to save costs although it required more work on his end.

Furthermore, John Fahlgren is the graphic designer and co-founder of Printasquare, which is a social print studio exclusively for Instagram users. The service Prinasquare provides is they develop Instagram users posted pictures on a 50cm x 70cm piece of photopaper. Fahlgren would have never guessed that their small start up would lead to being one of the largest Instagram print service in Sweden. In addition, Fahlgren also launched a digital brand and service development company called Purplefox. Today Purplefox is largely used brand consulting service in Sweden.

There were to many great speakers presenting at the summit to discuss in this blog post, but I would like to add our Professor Niklas Myhr killed his on stage presentation for those who weren’t able to attend.

During his presentation

Ken Brach during his presentation

Day 1

Day 1