Talent Management in Stockholm

Jared and I met two very unique consulting firms today with our Business in Scandinavia class. While both companies focus on different areas of strategy and innovation, both have been able to help various companies assess and develop their talent to be able to implement certain strategies.

Ziggy Creative Colony (http://www.helloziggy.com/en/) is a Stockholm based consultancy that helps companies ignite innovation in their digital businesses. They have had much success working with various banks and insurance companies helping them evolve in the ever changing digital landscape. Ziggy Creative Colony was co-founded by Darja Isaksson, CEO and Mijo Balik, Strategist. We spoke with Balik about how their implementation plans affect employees at the various companies they work with. He explained to us that for the most part the talent is not the problem, as most employees seek to perform so as to ensure job security. The main problem within some companies is that management typically resists change or evolving business models to be able to compete more effectively.


We then visited Kairos Futures (http://www.kairosfuture.com/en), a Stockholm based consultancy specializing in research to help clients prepare for and grasp the future through strategic development. We spoke with Olf Boman, Partner and Director of Society and Leadership, and Trond Bugge, Director of Collaborative Innovation. Boman elaborated on how important the future of capital is within companies, especially sourcing and retaining quality talent. Bugge highlighted a current engagement utilizing their new application, Co:tunity. The application is able to catch trends and create ideas through collaborative innovation. One very compelling case was when KF launched a campaign with a European Bank that was interested in learning more about their retail employees in order to analyze trends and draw on them for future strategic opportunities. They were able to get input from almost 400 employees on their various knowledge needs and learning wishes.


As many companies, both in the United States and Scandinavia, are enlisting the help of consulting firms to create long-term strategic direction, Ziggy Creative Colony and Kairos Futures are utilizing a variety of technological tools to help their clients connect with their talent and invest in human capital development as a means of strategy implementation.