Free Tuition Is The Future!

During our visit to the city of Tallinn, we had the opportunity for a tour of Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. Tallinn University of Technology was founded in 1918 with around 12,000 students of which about 1,400 are international students from more than 90 countries. The campus consists of multiple buildings which are all […]

Keolis: Buses, Bussar, Les Autobus

A French company headquartered in a Swedish city where everyone speaks English. If that is not a picture of a global company I don’t know what is. The entire concept of what a transportation company should be parallels very well French business culture. Being early or on time is paramount and treating every customer with […]

Estonia and the E-lectronic Revolution

It takes a special kind of government to realize when their country has an opportunity to do something great for its current and future citizens. After the fall of the Soviet Union Estonia declared its independence and was left with a blank slate with which they had ability to create a system of government and […]

A New Frontier

Today, we had a great visit to Saab Technologies’ headquartered in Gothenburg. During our visit, we were giving a tour of the production facility of their new radar for the GlobalEye Surveillance System. The GlobalEye Surveillance System is a radar system that is mounted onto a jet where it can help detect incoming objects from […]

Lindholmen Science Park: A Laaand of Pure Innovatiooon

Lindholmen Science Park is not so much a place physical production; it is more of a place that produces ideas. Formerly a busy Gothenberg shipyard, it is now home to large collection of companies that are developing future technologies. It is a place for companies to develop new and emerging technologies. They provide a place […]

Super Excited!!!

Hi, everyone! This is John & Adam and we’re super excited for this trip. We are hoping to learn a lot from this trip, especially the cultural differences in the business environment for the United States compared to Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. The list of companies that we are going to be visiting looks great […]