Final Thoughts: The “Americanization” of Scandinavia Part 5

Gothenburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Helsinki all afforded us a unique look at international business culture. Scandinavia is naturally cold, and that does not just refer to the weather. Our initial impression of the population in the majority of the locations in which we spent time, was not that of a warm reception. A personal discussion […]

Helsinki: The “Americanization” of Scandinavia Part 4

The final stop of our investigative visit with Scandinavian business culture happened to be in Helsinki, Finland. As parts 1 – 3 have explained, the “Americanization” of this region which we have studied refers not simply to popular culture, but rather to business focus, mission, values, and interactions. Helsinki had many things to offer, and […]

Tallinn: The “Americanization” of Scandinavia Part 3

This Scandinavian journey has taken us to a very interesting city, which we studied in terms of culture and business practices, Tallinn! The cityscape exudes an “old world” persona, while the citizens simultaneously boast forward thinking technological amenities, and progressive philosophies. In order to better determine how “Americanized” the business and popular culture of Tallinn is, we visited several […]

Stockholm: The “Americanization” of Scandinavia Part 2

The next leg of our Scandinavian adventure placed us in beautiful and busy Stockholm, Sweden. In the interest of continuity, the theme of Gothenberg was apparent in a holistic sense throughout the city. Many American brands and products hung on market walls, and American music played in many restaurants and bars. “Americanization” does not simply […]

Gothenburg: The “Americanization” of Scandinavia Part 1

“Americanization” refers to the adaptation of American culture outside of the United States. In Gothenburg, at least noticeably often enough, this is readily apparent. Our first few days on this excursion found us in the sunny California weather… in Sweden. Initially, of course, there is a sense of extreme difference between the cultures to which […]

SCANDALnavia 2016 – Salutations

Greetings group! Let us stay safe and return  in essentially the same condition in which we left…. well, perhaps a little wiser 🙂 Depending upon how hard you party, these links might be useful: Crisis Counseling Paternity Testing Substance Abuse Behave yourselves kids!