Some of Stockholm’s Favorites…

Nightlife in Stockholm is generally quite good, with lots of very beautiful people and nights that never seem to end. One thing we came to realize quickly was that bouncers in Stockholm are extremely picky. Make sure you dress up, get there early, and dont get too hammered too soon if you want to enjoy the clubs.

One of the coolest night life attractions that we visited in Stockholm was the Icebar. This bar was built in 2002, and is known as the world’s first permanent ice bar. At -7 degrees all year round, the interior of the bar, including even the glasses the drinks are served in, is made entirely of ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden, which is where we went river rafting when visiting that area. The bar can accommodate a total of 60 people. All guests are recommended to purchase tickets online and get to borrow a warm cape and gloves before entrance to the bar. The entrance fee includes your first drink from a limited drinks menu is about 185 SEK which is about $28. You can stay about 30-40 minutes or more if you can handle it, though it's very difficult. We also learnt that each year, the ice that forms the bar is replaced, and therefore also the room’s design and artwork. Currently the theme of the design is ”Frozen Format”, which celebrates the life journey of the ice.IceBar Stockholm

During our stay in Stockholm we also visited the “Moderna Museet”, known as the contemporary museum.  Moderna Museet has one of the world’s finest collections of art from 1900 to the present day, including key works by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Louise Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Niki de Saint Phalle, Salvador Dalí, Carolee Schneemann, Henri Matisse and Robert Rauschenberg, along with more recent acquisitions of contemporary art. The collection also comprises photographic art and photography of international renown, spanning from the 1840s  up to the present day.Moderna Museet

The Moderna Museet collection comprises some 5,000 paintings, sculptures and installations, some 25,000 watercolours, drawings and prints, and some 100,000 photographs. It also contains art videos and films and the artist Einar Hylander’s Apartment on Narvavägen 29 in Stockholm. Surprising fact we learnt is that the Moderna Museet Collection is supported by Deloitte.

Another very interesting and very different thing that we witnessed was the High School graduation ceremonies that were celebrated in a very unique way. At first we had no Idea what was going on or what this was about. But apparently upon graduation from high school, all graduates ride on the back of these big trucks that are decorated with flowers and various signs made by students and party to loud music, drink and pour beer all over each other. Interesting way of keeping the students controlled and together while providing them a fun atmosphere  that they can drink and party together and ride along the city to show their excitement.

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