Scandinavian business culture

On our visit to Scandinavia we observed certain peculiar aspects of Scandinavian business culture. After visiting KONE corporation in Helsinki, Finland, we gained some interesting insights about Finnish culture. We observed that Finnish prefer more open and direct style in communication. Their conversation style tend to be more liberal and to the point. Interestingly, Finnish don't ask questions after the presentations as normally most of the Americans do. This can be attributed to rather cold personality of an average Scandinavian. We also noticed that Finnish are considered as shrewd negotiators. Finnish are known for their honesty and integrity in business contracts.
On the other hand, Swedish culture places high importance on consensus in their decision making process. Swedes have more flat hierarchical structure with strong emphasis on treating every employee fairly and equally, hence sometimes, decision making process can be very lengthy and tiresome because decisions are generally made only when everybody is in agreement. This also manifested itself in open office format at Angry Birds headquarters in Helsinki which gave a feeling of an informal kind of organizational setting.
Last but not the least, Scandinavians love nature, which reflects in their work hours. They work on an average 35-40 per week and they take on an average 5 weeks of paid leave in July and December. We observe this peculiarity when we were walking on the empty streets of Lulea in summer time. This also makes Swedes environmentally conscious, which is the prime reason of huge investment and inclination in clean technology.