The Nobel Museum

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If you visit Stockholm, you can visit the Nobel Museum. There is a 20 minute tour on Albert Nobel. He was born in Sweden and separated from his father at a very young age only to be reunited with him in Russia at the age of nine. Although Albert Nobel wanted to be come a poet, he was terrible at it and ended up becoming an engineer. He invented the dynamite, used as an explosive. This was a very dangerous endeavor and in one explosive laboratory test 30 lives were lost including that of Nobel's  brother. Albert  Nobel never got married or had any children, however he had several nieces and nephews to whom he entrusted 5 percent of his estate. Although this may sound little, Nobel was a very wealthy man and it was enough to make them live a privileged life. He got wealthy by investing in many companies across Europe that became very successful. His will was only three pages. A page was dedicated to the Nobel prices in literature maybe because of his love for poems, chemistry, physics and peace. The Nobel price of economics was a recent addition in his honor but it is not funded by Nobel's will. Apart from learning the interesting life of Albert Nobel, you will also have a chance to go through memory lane and see the great people who have won the Nobel prices for exceptional contribution towards a better world. The Nobel peace price is the only price not awarded in Sweden, it is awarded  in Norway, perhaps because at that time Norway was a more peaceful country than Sweden.  The museum is next to the palace it will cost you 100 kronars  if you are a student you will get a discount down to 75 kronars. We definitely recommend you visit. And get to know a little bit more of  about the great men and women  who have contributed exceptionally to the greater good of all humanity.