Meva Innovation Lab: Clean Power for Public Use|


While visiting Solander business  park we were taken through the process a new clean technology called vortex gasification which creates green energy.  This plan creates heat for over 80% of Pitea, Sweden.  The company MEVA is owned by a three groups both private and public, proving that the best technologies come from both the public and private sector.

In a general sense the process works like this:

1. The plant takes the black liquiour from the power plants and turns the product into bio fuel where:

Step 1: The product goes into the bio fuel handling system

Step 2: Fuel gas is produced in a cyclone reactor

Step 3: The gas is cleaned in a multi stage process

Step 4: Heat recovery from gasification process and engine and power production from the generator

Step 5: Clean power and heat for local use of Pitea.

In addition Volvo has manufactured truck that will use the biofuel produced.

Collaborations with projects like these make progress for a more environmentally concious future!  Let's hear it for MEVA!

Luisa Villatoro, Jonathan Ruffalo, Ebrahim