Lulea, Sweden

This afternoon we met with Fredrik Kallionemi from the Aurorum Science Park Lulea, which is part of Lulea Business Agency.  It appears Lulea is going to be the next international hotbed for data centers in what is now becoming the era of big data.

The science park currently hosts almost 100 companies and offers business and technical knowhow through its research and development center. Companies along with the university located in Lulea, which specializes in technology, benefit from the center.  After speaking with some of the center’s business development members, we have learned Facebook’s new data center will only be the start of the trend for data heavy business to relocate to Lulea as well as other similar locations that can offer the people and the amount of energy needed.

Also, stemming from this will be ancillary business from which members of the community will be a part of restaurants, business services, or further construction Lulea seems to be heading a direction that many around the world could only envy in the recession of the past few years.

– Mike and Asia