KONE Monospace

While in Finland our group had the great experience to visit KONE headquarters.  KONE is an international company that had revenues of approximately 5,200 Million Euro in 2011.  They specialize in providing elevators, escalators and servicing both types of equipment around the world.  They currently operate all over Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Americas.  I know on several occasions to our great surprise we realized we were in KONE elevators at hotels and walking on KONE escalators at airports.  During our presentation it was great hearing about the history of the company that dates back to 1910 as an electrical repair shop and has grown into large International Corporation.  Much of the growth is due to mergers and acquisitions as well as a great deal of innovation.  That is why it is great to see recently in the news that KONE was able to win a new order for 54 elevators for the Suning Ruis City Phase E07 high-rise development in Nanjing, China.  More importantly eight of these elevators are the MonoSpace elevators (pictured above) that our class had a case study regarding before we left on our trip that looked into the innovation at KONE.  The Monospace elevators were released several years ago and the provide a smooth ride for passengers and conserve space (no control room needed) for the building owners and developers.  The press release can be found on market watch: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kone-won-an-order-for-the-suning-rui-city-high-rise-in-nanjing-china-2012-06-18.


– Will & Pat