Johnny and Rob – Sweden’s Newest Favorite Duo

I'm Johnny, and I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue an MBA at Chapman University, the esteemed institution I proudly received my undergraduate from. As part of the MBA program, I'll be traveling to Sweden in a couple of days with my class to see how Sweden “takes care of business.” In all seriousness, my classmates and I will have the opportunity of a lifetime to not only visit Sweden but also see how business is operated from a Scandinavian perspective as one of the Professors leading the trip, Professor Myhr, has secured special access for the group to see how some of the world's most prominent brands that originate in Sweden operate.

Over the years, having fully appreciated the severity of the ongoing climate crisis, I am particularly interested to learn how businesses in Sweden have altered operations to align with the country's status as one of the world's most sustainable nations; after all, Greta Thunberg, the girl who not only has reached celebrity-like status for her outspoken activism in the fight against climate change but also has become one of the world's most prominent figureheads on the matter hails from Sweden.

And I am Robert! I go by either Rob or Robert either works with me. I like Johnny am also fortunate enough to be pursing my MBA from Chapman University as well! Funny enough I also did my undergraduate at Chapman as did my fellow classmate. This trip to Sweden is going to be an amazing opportunity to see just how different things are done business wise as opposed to how we do things in the United States. As Johnny mentioned, our professor, Dr. Myhr, has set up quite the itinerary set up for us and we are going to have some fantastic experiences touring and learning from some of the most prominent companies in Sweden. One thing in particular that I am curious to explore while on this trip is how logistics and transportation are handled within Sweden and just how they make it “greener” and see how sustainability plays a role in their logistics end of business.