The end of the Scandinavia travel course

The last company we visited was Nettavisen. It is a Norwegian online newspaper, launched in 1996 as the first in the country that was not created as part of a pre-existing newspaper. Now it is one of the most popular news websites in the country. Knowing that many Norwegians love writing blogs, the company provides them with a blog platform where people could write down something interesting or share news, upload videos. People enjoy using the platform with full freedom of speech.

The last dinner with  the two professors and classmates was at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant in Oslo. The restaurant is very nice. The location is so great, and it has a beautiful ocean view. The restaurant created a wonderful 3-course  meal for us. They were Lofoten’s fish soup, Oxcheek and Strawberries vanilla. Also, our group got  two private tables beside the windows  overlooking the harbor. We had a great time during our farewell.

I am so glad I made a right decision to take this international business class. I am so happy that I could have chance to visit more than 20 Scandinavian companies. Every company is unique. No matter how big or small they are, all speakers are so kind and gave me a lot of opinions about local business. I have learned a lot from this travel course, such as across-culture, management and leadership, entrepreneurship, Human Resource management.

During the trip, I had a very great time with my classmates and Niklas Myhr and Clas Wihlborg. The two professors are very nice and we are like a big family. We explored cities and had food together. We talked about local culture and business a lot. The most valuable memory is that we singing songs together at one night. To my surprised, the two professor are very great singers

I am so happy with the trip. This trip gave me a wonderful experience and valuable memories.