Clean Tech Effeciency with Facebook living in the Node Pole


Facebook is the flagship of social media, they have connected users from all walks of life, and ends of the earth so it comes to no surprise that they have also gone global when looking for a new location for their data center.  This location is Lulea, Sweden.  We visited the Lulea Business Agency where Matz Engam took us through the story behind Facebook coming through the Node Pole.  They have ideal conditions to house the data center.

This includes:

  • 100% renewable energy from the river’s hydropower
  • The weather in Lulea has ideal cold temperatures (have not had weather over 30 degrees Celsius since the 1960s
  • Lulea is running very efficiently.  Facebook will use 1% of Luleas power for the 4 to 5 data centers that they are planning

The Node Pole may very well be the future for data centers.

Jonathan R., Ebrahim, and Luisa V.

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