Center for Internet Excellence in Oulu, Finland

Our visit to the University of Oulu’s Center of Internet Excellence (CIE) in Oulu, Finland opened my eyes to Scandinavian people’s focus on collaboration, cooperation, and open communication. The center facilitates interactions among businesses to develop technologies and innovations together and help them to grow in international markets. They make strong investments in research and development to always be ahead of the curve and try to innovate new information. However, they do need to work on marketing and sales.

It was interesting to learn that Oulu is the most highly educated and highly technical community in the world, where 27% of the population has completed higher education. In Finland, the percentage is 20%. I look forward to seeing how the CIE expands 3D internet to the world and bring technology enhanced learning environments to more schools and work environments. These have a high potential of changing the way we interact with the internet and in remote learning.

Thank you to Mika Rantakokko at the University of Oulu.