Customer Centricity as a Marketing Trend

The overall theme of our meeting with Anders Bjorklund, CEO of Zooma, was how to capitalize on good marketing through customer centric views. People want companies to understand what it’s like to be them. They want a company that will treat them exactly how they want to be treated. Can you think of a company […]

Global Awareness Regarding International Business

At our visit with SAAB, a national defense company that specializes in defense products such as radar, weapons, submarines, and planes; we learned that it is imperative to have a global awareness mindset when conducting international business. SAAB looks to sell their defense technology not only to Sweden, but to other countries. Currently SAAB sells […]

Competence in Scandinavia

Before I went to Scandinavia, the word “competence,” meant to me: the ability to do something well. This term has never been attributed to any political issues in America, which was why I was intrigued when I learned of its’ significance in Sweden. When our class went to the InnovationLoop workshop in Lycksele, I learned […]

The Impact of the Scandinavian Culture on a Company’s Success

Sweden is home to many successful companies, but makes them successful? What amount of influence does the home country have on the overall success of an organization? We explore this topic while comparing some of the organizations we have visited along our trip. First, was media company Dagens Samhälle (“Society Today”). We met with Cheif […]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Sweden

Today I spoke in depth with Lycksele natives on the current condition of their immigration and refugee workforce situation. In the current state of Sweden, “foreigners” endure more difficulty in order to get a job. In order to work, immigrants must speak Swedish and often face discrimination based upon their race. One Swedish man stated […]