That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap! Never did we think that we could learn as much as we did in these last two weeks. We knew that traveling to four different countries and visiting 15 companies would be keeping us busy, but we were able to immerse ourselves into each culture within that time as well; therefore, surpassing […]

We went to Malmö and Copenhagen and ‘Denmark’ed if off our list!

Overview Wow, we can’t believe we’re saying this but.. we just wrapped up our last stop visiting Copenhagen in Denmark amd Malmö in Sweden! We got to visit some really great companies and learn even more about the Swedish culture and immerse ourselves in the Danish culture for the very first time! Through our company […]

Oh Stockholm, you were the ‘Swedest’!

Overall Thoughts What an amazing past few days! We have learned so much about the culture here in Sweden both through our company visits as well as our free time exploring Stockholm! It has been such an experience getting a better understanding of how businesses operate here in Sweden through visits at some amazing companies […]

I’m ‘Tallinn’ you, Estonia is amazing!

Time to sail away! Although our time in Estonia was short, we’ve have learned so much about this small country of just over 800,000 people in less than 24 hours! Estonia is a very unique country due to the fact that they have only been a free nation for less than 20 years. In this […]

First stop, ‘Finnished!’

Well, we’ve just finished our first stop here in Finland! We’ve had an amazing past few days getting to experience it first hand both Finnish culture and business practices. Since our arrival Saturday night, we’ve had the opportunity to visit Nordea, the biggest bank in the Nordic Region; Aalto University; Valio dairy farm; and Aalto’s […]

And We’re Off!

Meet McKenzie! My name is McKenzie and I am a current MBA student at Chapman University. I have a passion for traveling, people, and brand marketing so I am looking forward to obtaining a better understanding of the differences with cultural and business practices between the U.S. and Scandinavia. I hope to specifically focus on […]