So Long, Farewell!

We have had an amazing time in Scandinavia and are a little sad to see this adventure end. We have learned a lot throughout these business visits and were lucky enough to have some great cultural experiences. In all we have noticed 3 major themes happening with these companies in Scandinavia: Sustainability, Flat Business Structure, […]

Denmark: The Hoppiest Way to End Biz Scand

Halløj from København! Copenhagen has been an exciting city and we have enjoyed the warm weather! We can confirm that the best way to see Copenhagen is on a bicycle. The colorful buildings and waterfronts give this place a special charm. We’ve gotten to enjoy some seafood and marveled in the majestic Tivoli Gardens. While […]

e-Estonia: A Country that Can Run on a Phone

Estonia is the world’s first e-nation and has been hailed as one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world since its independence from the Soviets in 1991. They realized the power of data early on and made efforts in investing in informational technology which has allowed for them to digitize public services so […]

Do As the Swedes Do: Drink, Eat, & Fika

We’re enjoying our time here in Stockholm! We’ve had our share of Swedish meatballs, visited the Vasa Museum, the ABBA museum, and strolled through Gamla Stan. Our company visits here in Sweden have been very interesting and engaging. Three of the major companies we’ve learned about are Ericsson, Northvolt, and Sinch. Ericsson Ericsson is a […]

Lost In Helsinki

Our first stop in Finland was full of exploring and experiencing Finnish culture. From saunas to trying reindeer meat, this country has a lot to offer. We had several company visits here, two of which included Nordea and Valio. Nordea Nordea is one of the biggest banks in Europe that implements a One Bank Model. […]

Hey! Hei! Hej!

Meet the Team! My name is Theresa Keh, and I am in the full-time Professional MBA program at Chapman University. I graduated from the University of California, Riverside back in 2013 with an Economics degree. I just finished up my first internship this past spring as a tax intern at White Nelson Diehl Evans.  I’ve […]