Copenhagen and The End

We visited the very impressive company Maersk in Copenhagen. There, we had the privilege of listening to Jonas Linnebjerg, head of Marketing Management Consulting, Frederik Dage, consultant in Management Consulting, and Thomas Lassen about Strategy Development. All three men were extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the company, and put their full culture on display for […]

Malmo, Sweden

We met with Christer Heiderman to discuss Marketing and Sales at Saab Kockums. They are a company that invests heavily in aeronautics, surveillance and robotics, amongst other things. Their company has 7,000-8,000 employees in total. With so many employees, we were very interested to find out more about their company culture and the ways in […]

Stockholm Syndrome

Ericsson For being a business with over 95,000 employees worldwide, we learned that Ericsson Telecommunications Company puts much care into their company culture and the rightful treatment of their employees. Their office in Sweden has recently scaled down to about 10,000 employees. As a company, they have made strides in becoming more agile, with interconnected […]

Quick Stop in Estonia

Today we had the opportunity to hear three different speakers share three different perspectives on the Estonian education system and business model. The first speaker represented Tal Tech University Metkory department, the second was CEO of the university’s Tehnopol Science Park and lastly, we met with a representative from The Datel Group. After observing all […]

First Stop: Helsinki

Observing Finnish culture firsthand was truly something special, especially during this unique time where it seemed like entire country was celebrating such an exciting win for ice hockey. The people were kind, the food was fantastic, and the city was rarely dark, with the sun setting well into the nights. The Nordic Economic Model In […]

Meet The Team!

Jacqueline My name is Jacqueline, and I’m currently in Chapman’s Full-Time MBA program. While studying abroad in undergrad, I realized I enjoyed studying Global Business so much that I added Global Studies as a second major. I am extremely excited to be part of this travel course and learning more about business in Scandinavia. Atorina […]