“Volvo for life”

The first stop of our Travel Course is Gothenburg. It was very excited to visit the very famous car brand Volvo Car Corporation headquarters and its brand experience centre. Nordic people always care about the quality and details of life. Volvo Cars is a good example of this concept. The slogan of Volvo is “Volvo your life”, which means “Roll your life” in Latin. Life, it not only means one's life beings, but also how we live, the quality of our lives. So safety is the core idea of Volvo Cars.


People, Human beings, life. Those are the three words that we heard most during the visit in Volvo. We were so impressed that a company would care that much about each person who drives their cars. If you are one of their customers, you would feel pretty safe when you are driving Volvo. As a car company, Volvo chose a right direction to marketing their brand. Safety is always the first concern.


From the presentation and show us around, we learned that the whole designs, materials it uses, and its marketings, it is always about human beings. We can clearly feel how they apply this slogan in this company. First, they care about life which means the life will be safely rolling on wheels. It is said that Volvo's Seat Belt is saving lives in accidents for 50 years. Second, they will launch new electric cars in 2019, which will contribute the energy saving for this world. And also, on the basis of the concept “safety”, in recent years, Volvo Cars also pay more attention on the exterior and interior design that makes it more attractive.


Volvo is doing things that last long. They had their long term goal for human beings which makes out lives easier. For example, through a video, it shows that maybe in the future, Volvo Cars will produce the kind of cars that can automatically driven when you occupied or distracted by other things, or ones that can smartly sense the time of traffic light so that it makes driving more effortless. Life is continuing on Volvo cars.


At the dinner we met the Chinese lady who works for Volvo. She told us that working in this company also brings her a sense of secure. Company cares about every single employees and people who she works with are also friendly as well as working hard. The company's culture help people to think about others, so that they can move forward to the same vision.


Their slogan “Volvo for life” is reminding people the fact of safety. And they are actually doing this. The objective of marketing strategy is to own a word that can represent the brand and implies a lot more words, Volvo Cars did it.