Välkommen till Stockholm

Written by Jaisinghani & Naidoo

Welcome to Stockholm: a history of mercantile tact wrought with a weathered spirit, a deep pride and communal values. We the people. Built on timber, German merchants set the stone – their trade facilitating its perpetuation; its growth a reflection of the people's spirit: one of enterprise. However, business is not the sole name-of-the-game.

There is an energy here, an essence. Just one flick of the match: that's all it takes for the spark to ignite into a frenzy. The volatile nature of our world – the unpredictability of its elements to forge something beautiful yet oppressive to an individual's vitality. One false move and you're out with a flash – gold-clad and fiery like the old gods. Not Stockholm. Tempered with a social touch, its infrastructure is nothing but reliable. And tempered with a social trust, happiness reigns supreme.

On the scale of collectivism to individualism, relative to the USA, the people of Stockholm side with a more collective identity. These communal values cannot be separated from their spirit, and are reflected in business. The drive to succeed is indeed prevalent. However, it is a drive to succeed together – to topple adversity as a people. To strive for the betterment of not just one's self, but for the other as well.

Community. Strength through shared enterprise. Strength through sustainability. Strength through human capital. Now this is real power. But it is a power whose realization is impossible without a deeply-set trust in the community – both on a macro and micro level.

To align yourself with the city's ideological foundation is to plug into its collective essence, into a deeply-held pride and imperative of growth. We the people.

Welcome to Stockholm.