Two days left

We visited Volvo when we was in Gothenburg, we experienced a different factory tour and tested the 2014's new cars which was pretty cool! That was a perfect day in Volvo. When we were in the factory, we saw so many robots working there, actually there were 650 robots to do the 99% work! we saw the orange robots do their work carefully and accurate. We also saw the “married point” which was the part of putting two big parts of the car together. It was the first time I can see how to make a car, especially make a safe car. There are 12,000 parts to assemble for one car. I can see how organized Volvo do in their factory. Volvo's top three aims are safety, connection, and efficient.
Also, in the afternoon, we test the 2014 new cars! When we drove, we really felt safe and comfortable. we tried about 4 or 5 cars, each car made us feel great. After we drove the cars, we really think about to buy a Volvo since it really great in many aspects.

In Gothenburg, we also visited the Art Museum, which let us experience the Sweden culture. We saw so many paintings which were transported from Norway and Finland. After Aug 18, they will move back. We saw two paintings by one painter, she started to draw the second one after 30 years from the first one. However, those two paintings are almost the same! From that moment, I know why I cannot be an artist. Haha

Today, we moved to Copenhagen, we had a final meal together. I feel sad, I have to say goodbye to sweden and Denmark, also to my dear classmates in two days. This is a fantastic trip I ever have!