The Swede Life of Jason & Saba

Hi! My name is Jason Alcon and I just finished up my first year as a Full-Time MBA student at Chapman University. My emphasis is in Global Business and I thought going on this travel course would be a great benefit to my overall understanding of how international business operates. I've never been to Europe before so I'm really excited to take this opportunity to learn from the company tours and appreciating what Swedish culture has to offer! I hope to take relative, practical knowledge from this trip and apply it to my knowledge and professional career. Tack!

Hi my name is Saba Maknouni and I just finished my first year in the Chapman MBA program. I am focusing specifically on a finance emphasis and have joined the Janes Financial Residency Program to bridge the gap of the classroom to the work field. I have joined the study abroad program to better educate myself in international business and to better understanding how other countries operate in relation to the United States. I am really excited to be a part of this amazing group that will allow me to visit businesses and better educate my understanding of their operations.

As a group, we both want to learn and observe the amazing opportunities Sweden and its companies have to offer. Culturally, we're really looking forward to visiting the beautiful cities of Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg and learning the language a bit! As MBA students, we understand how businesses vary depending on culture, size, and mission. Taking the opportunity to visit Sweden and partake in the company tours gives us an opportunity for us to boost our knowledge and skills in the business world. This is our first travel-abroad course we've done and we're very excited to travel with such a great group of people!