The End to Our Business Trip in Scandinavia

Girls at the farewell dinner!

Chapman business in Scandinavia 2019 team is awesome!!

While spending two beautiful weeks in Northern Europe it looks like our trip has come to an end. Coming from America and being used to the way our corporate culture works, it was inspiring to experience that  there are different ways to operate businesses and yet remain successful. The core values of the companies in these regions frequently tied in with the core values of the country itself. A trending theme we believed to notice was being environmentally aware and cautious was a strong factor played out even within the companies. In these regions people have a strong balance between work and life. Equality is another core belief that was a common theme throughout all the companies we met. Referring back to our reading before our trip to Scandinavia we had learned the life satisfaction in many of these countries were some of the highest. After reading about it then getting to see how accurate these studies truly are did surprise us. Although there are some similarities between U.S and Scandinevia with their motivation to be innovative and grow there was still stand out differences. The relationship between CEO and employee were less formal, breaks were necessary to take, Overall, it was refreshing to be exposed to different environments. We believe in order to remain employee satisfaction and overall success within a company it is crucial to expose yourself to different settings and to be open minded. We hope our posts have been enlightening on learnings how companies in Scandinavia operate, and seeing the distinct differences between the culture of the United States and Scandinavia. We look forward to see what is next for us to come back and share with all of you.


Tai and Adrineh

P/s: Also here are some highlight pictures, best memories and tips for this trip 🤗