Tallinn with Adrineh and Tai

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Old City at night

As soon as we arrived we were eager to explore this new city knowing we would only be here for a short period of time. We decided to explore Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia. This was a beautiful city filled with vibrant culture, it resembled medieval times in Northern Europe with a lot of Gothic streets and architecture.

A great experience at a medieval restaurant

Although we only had spent a very short period of time in Tallinn, Estonia we picked up a lot on how the business corporate culture operates in this beautiful country. We noticed that many individuals are motivated to start their own company. People are driven innovators and are trained from a very young age to be creative. Due to their extreme hardship during The Soviet Union after being set free the people of Estonia were driven to make their country represent the way real Estonians were always hoping to be. We visited the following universities and companies; Mektory Tal Tech and the start up incubator at Tallinn University of Tech.

MSA/MBA Chapman Student at Mektory Tal Tech

Mektory Tal Tech is an extremely innovative university based in Tallinn, Estonia. They primarily focus on IT economy, life science, and engineering. At Tal Tech they created their first ever self driving car last year. The cultural aspect in this region is very entrepreneurial which is very similar to the states. I found this fascinating that they are very inspired to create new ideas. Tal Tech has shown to be leading when it comes to sustainability. They have created a safe and affordable green heating method for consumers. With this modern central generating installation along with modern cleaning systems, enables using fuels that cannot be used efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

MSA/MBA Chapman student at Startup Incubator

Startup Incubator is part of Tallinn University of Tech, which focuses on helping startups and SMEs to improve their business plan and attract more investors by connecting them with only connecting startups with other successful businesses, of the best successful mentors in Estonia and Europe. It has known as the coolest digital society which concentrates on health technology,green technology, and itc & smart city. To illustrate,100% of school has broadband connection. In order to generate revenue, they rent out their building and also their revenue is from the school as well as the government. Tecnopool does not only teach young people  advantage of technology, but also brings the motivation for students to be able to challenge themselves to solve real business issues.

Professor Clas with students at the Old Town

Also, it is really interesting for us in which Estonia offer frees education for their Estonian and also allows everyone, who invests or does business with the country to become e-residency without staying in the country. The growth of technology in Estonia is growing even faster than Finland’s. Therefore, for those who are interesting to learn about technology and study abroad, Estonia may be a good choice for you!

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