Stockholm with Adrineh and Tai

Hej alla!

Stockholm at night is amazing!

Arriving in Stockholm, Sweden, we finally experienced beautiful weather in the Nordic region. We instantly knew this was going to be one of the more memorable trips for us considering we are planned to stay here quite a bit longer. Besides exploring the beautify Old Town with so many different cultural and historical attractions, we explored the vasa and ABBA museums. Before attending businesses we got to explore and learn about the culture to get a better understanding of this vibrant country. We had so many wonderful business trips to learn more about how businesses are running in this area.

Great time with Jenna and Theresa at ABBA Museum!

While in Stockholm, Sweden we visited an innovative marketing firm called Conversionista. Conversionista specializes in simplifying conversion rate optimization. As a company their main goal was to drive more traffic to website but to simplify it at the same time for consumers. They believed that by paying attention to outcome more than digital strategy is key within a company because all of this has to do with digital change management. The three primary topics Conversionista is led to believe to be key factors is understanding data, psychology in brain, and experimenting. When it comes to making marketing efficient this is the company to look towards. This makes Conversionista sustainable by helping to make it easier for consumers to navigate on a website to make it more efficient for individuals due to time sensitivity. Another reason why we notice this company to be sustainable is they believe to be more data integrated. Conversionista provides the right data working with attitude and demography. With this data getting to know the the consumer is highly significant. As a company they use modern technology to help consumers save time by gathering this data and being efficient. The company culture shows a strong correlation to the core value Sweden has as a culture.

Chapman MBA and MSA at Conversionista office

Being in business for more than 140 years, Ericsson has become a global leader in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) regardless to the market changes and growth of technology. Its core value is using innovation, technology, and sustainable business solutions to be the “prime driver in an all – communicating world.”  By understanding customer’s needs in which everyone is willing to pay more for the faster internet. The most amazing part is in the studio tour, where we experienced how 5G networks are going live. Even though Ericsson is not the pioneer for this but the are the one leader of making this happens. Particularly, we were so impressed with their business cases of how Ericsson can use the 5G to make an auto-drive truck regardless to the traffic. They even be able to track the bus traffic and predict its arrival time approximately. 5G is not only making life more convenient but also connecting people together. The core values of Ericsson shows a strong correlation with the country in being a leading innovative company, as well as environmental friendly.

Adrineh and Tai at Ericsson

Swedish businesses are moving to globalization whereas open offices and more engaging among employees are their core values. In terms of leadership, Swedish are really collaborated. To illustrate, Swedish leaders ask for collaborations and feedback from all employees which make everyone feel more valuable. Sweden is a truly beautiful country with great innovations and friendly people. We personally really enjoy everything in this country, so definitely come back to visit other cities in this wonderful country.

Farväl och vi ses nästa gång!

Great time at VASA Museum with Chapman MBA and MSA!