Sinch: Enriching Engagement

Sinch: Enriching Engagement

A bit about Sinch:

Today our first visit on the agenda is to Sinch, a leading cloud communications platform that brings businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement. They provide an invisible software platform through which companies can contact customers. Since the firm was launched in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden, it has been growing not only organically but also through acquisitions as indicated by co-founder Bjorn Zethraeus. They focus on gross profit, which grew by about 29 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year and earnings before tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), which also increased.

A warm welcome

At arrival, we had a warm welcome and were immediately invited to their conference room for an informative and most importantly, engaging presentation. They talked about their humble beginnings and how, with a lot of sacrifices and a clear vision in mind, they have become a global leader in cloud communications. What about their business model and culture? They work directly with many businesses and rely on their channel partners to build their products; this allows them to offer higher quality and competitive pricing. Dedicated and talented employees with a positive and helpful attitude are the core of the company’s culture.

They invited us to offer spontaneous feedback to get a fresh perspective on their recently rebranded company which resulted in a flow of interactive participation and great suggestions which I believe they greatly appreciated and for a moment we felt part of their team.

The ingredients for a successful business

During the presentation, sitting next to me was one of the co-founders to whom during a break, I curiously asked what he thinks has been the key elements for their successful business. He kindly responded that the first ingredient for their business success was the passion their founders put into the business idea since the beginning; they did not mind about the time and effort that was required because they truly enjoyed what they were doing. However, he acknowledged that along with love for what you want to create, it is crucial that your product or service is something people want or need, and they cannot find or cannot easily find. He also added that it is essential to ensure the product or service we offer has its uniqueness to differentiate it from existing or potential newcomers.

Sinch was a genuinely enriching business experience!