A Networked Society

“A Networked society” is the motto and core belief of Ericsson, a world wide giant, and what we heard numerous times during our visit of this global firm.  To the average consumer the name Ericsson might be completely forgotten or even meaningless, unless they still have a vague memory of their first giant cellular phone better known as the brick now a days. However as we learnt during our visit Ericsson is much much bigger and far more advanced in the technological world than that we can imagine.


Ericsson is a pure B2B company which is the reason why it is not as known and familiar to the average everyday consumer. Research and development have always been the most important priority for this company and through out their existence which is well over 120 years. During this period they have been able to produce 35,000 patents; those patents alone have become a business entity and one of the main three parts of Ericsson's business.

Th identity of this company thrives on connecting not just people but everything possible in this world. Having a core belief of being where the people are, Ericsson's  goal is to provide mega bites for cheaper anywhere. However the heavy load of data, necessary speed to move them and the mass of the population presents challenges that Ericsson must address in order to reach their goal of providing cheaper mega bits everywhere. The firm is trying to address these issued by focusing on compressions of its distribution networks, allowing people to reach anyone in real time, right stream to right devices, and getting boosts from local operators to increase coverage.

Ericsson is continuously working on future innovations that will not only enable humans to connect to each other in many more and closer ways but also create abilities for people to connect to objects, as well as objects connecting to objects. One of the coolest things that was demonstrated during our visit was this “talking tree” that has the ability to communicate and show it's feelings based on touching it.  It sounds very weird and unbelievable, and even we were not understanding it before we actually got to see it work. I was picked to do the demonstration for the rest of the group and asked to “hug” the tree.  After I hugged the tree, we were able to see the tree's emotions change and the flat line which represented a neutral state for the tree spiked up real high. At the same time a response was generated that we could hear through the speakers that were connected to the tree and read in text form on the screen. The tree liked this form of touching and was having pleasant feelings and asked for another hug. All this sounds very foreign and difficult ton comprehend and probably nothing that we could use at the moment. However Ericsson is working very hard to  use such innovations to keep moving closer and closer towards the direction of their ultimate goal of connecting the world. #teampiteå #bizscand #chapmanu #stockholm #ericsson #innovation #future