Natural Resources to help Kobenhavn to the Next Level

A Colorful Kobenhavn

Colorful Neighborhood

Kobenhavn is the capital of Denmark. There is little' town' of Nyhavn, a colorful neighborhood buildings on the waterfront. Each house is filled with history because the oldest house dates back to the 1600s. The waterfront neighborhood (constructed by King Christian V) was a way for ships and sailors to travel from the sea to the inner cities.

Kobenhavn is home to one of the greatest fairy tales and folklore writers, Hans Christian Anderson. The writer himself lived in Nyhavn. One of his work is ‘The Little Mermaid', a young mermaid who longed to find love and walk land. One of the most beloved fairly tales was honored with a statue created by Edvard Eriksen in 1909. The bronze statue is one of the most iconic and visited sightseeing attraction. When you go visit the statue, you will be fighting tourists and cameras to take a peek.

Kobenhavn's Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Natural Resources to Enhance Kobenhavn

Denmark's capital beautiful and majestic but it wants to be a global leader in renewable energy. The #ChapmanScandinavian2017 class visited Dong Energy, company who specializes in wind power. Dong Energy is the one of largest company in Denmark and is own by the Danish state.  Oil and wind farming production is the two largest markets. Dong's wind farming will provide almost 45% of the electrical and 30% of the heat energy to Denmark. Companies'  use of natural resources meets the Scandinavian goal of clean energy;  providing the countries with green and efficient energy. The Scandinavian countries have pride in keeping their country green and beautiful.

Dong Energy HQ

Denmark is doing a great job in energy research and development. Dong Energy keeps its focus on oil and wind to perfect its trade. Limiting the number of projects allows the company to specialize in its markets. When walking through the colorful neighborhoods and visiting the companies, I am in awe on how everything connects. Ships and boats uses the wind to help them sail, Dong Energy uses the wind to help power Denmark.

Kobenhavn is a town with multiple neighborhoods and bustling with life. Buildings can tell stories from centuries ago and new technologies will help put Denmark on the map.

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