Eshwar and Nathan Invade Scandinavia

The best candy in the world is Daim. This is not questionable. It is made of delicious chocolate and toffee and can be purchased at a furniture store called IKEA. IKEA is a Swedish invention. In fact, there are a number of reasons why IKEA is Swedish and not Canadian or Chinese, for example. One of these reasons is the high tax rate in Sweden, which lends itself to a do-it-yourself mentality in Swedes (Wihlborg, 2016).

So, let's get down to business. We are super excited to write our first ever blog and it’s gets even more exciting because the blog will be about a lifetime experience and learning in most of the aspects of business, the economy, people, culture and much, much more of Scandinavian Countries.

We believe in surprises, which can happen only if we don’t expect a lot from anything. We are embarking on our trip with open minds in order to make it a true learning experience. We have an idea of what we might encounter, such as different takes on topics like corporate social responsibility and taxation. We might even encounter a surprise or two in the Finnish sauna. Who knows?

We also expect to discover many things that we have in common with the Scandinavians. We want to learn about the people’s culture, perceptions, work ethics and beliefs. We want to know what motivates them and gives them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. By the end, we will probably have discovered new ways of thinking for ourselves. So let's get started! Follow our blog posts to see what we are up to and may be you, too, can learn a thing or two.

scandi group pic