Hey, Hej!

A woman and her service dog, both in mortarboard hats

Hej! I'm Lauren, and this travel course will be my last class for my MBA! I studied ecology and economics at Mills College, a small women's college in the Bay Area, and am particularly looking forward to learning more about Swedish sustainability and other green initiatives. My MBA was concentrated in business analytics and marketing, so I'm also looking forward to learning about cross-cultural marketing initiatives. I currently work in the City Manager's Office in the City of Santa Ana, CA, managing various projects, but have spent most of the last six years working in social media and communications. This will be my third trip across the atlantic, but my first time in Scandinavia.

Hey all! I'm Michelle, just wrapping up my MBA program! Born and raised in Los Angeles, however, the travel bug bit a few times and found myself visiting 18 countries across the globe! I've always wanted to visit Sweden and I'm thrilled to be doing so on this travel course. Looking forward to sharing everything I learn about different Swedish businesses and more specifically their culture, goals, and outcomes.

Learning Objectives

What are we looking to learn from this trip?

Some of the things we are looking to take away from this trip are a more global perspective on business, learning how Swedish companies maintain such high standards for sustainability, and social media marketing trends in Scandinavia.