Hej Scandinavia!

As we wrap up classes and pre-travel get togethers all the students and professors are getting themselves ready to say “Hej”. In preparation for our flights and beginning in Stockholm and Piteå, excitement is everywhere for the adventures that we will experience and the memories that we will make. Our fortunate endeavors will leave us with a lot of great experiences and knowledge that we will be able to apply to our professional lives when we come back. Cindy and myself will be partnering our adventures with a group of fifteen other individuals whom are only linked to one another through the mere fact that we are all a part of the Chapman MBA program. Soon we will add to that list another factor of being the Scandinavia travel course.

We are looking forward to understanding and immersing ourselves in the culture of our three host countries – Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The food, night life, greetings, and just everyday tasks such as tipping are going to be very different. Those experiences are what will help us in our future careers as we ask ourselves: Should healthcare be afforded to everyone? Should taking vacation time be government mandated? How much maternity leave is appropriate? These are questions that, we as future business professionals, are going to be a part of making decisions for ourselves, as well as, our peers. Visiting these countries and seeing how they deal with such issues will broaden our perspectives of how we can deal with such social dilemmas.

Although there is much that we will learn, much of this trip is going to be about the fun of traveling and experiencing another culture. Not forgetting that first and foremost that we are there to have fun; playing golf in Piteå, visiting the king’s palace, or never watching the sun set are just some experiences that we will have. These are once in a lifetime experiences that even as tourists we may not be able experience again. Thus, over the next 12 days there is going to be a lack of sleep, hundreds of photos, and endless memories that will be ours to remember and yours to enjoy.

Group 17-4