Hej Scandinavia, Tai and Adrineh here!

This is us!

We currently finished our first year of MBA program at Chapman University. Neither of us have traveled to Northern Europe before and are extremely excited to gain this new cultural experience and to be able to share it with you guys.

We are so excited for this Scandinavian business class to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Denmark. We will be visiting different companies based in Northern Europe and will be comparing the different culture aspects within the corporate culture in Scandinavia versus the corporate culture in the United States. Some companies we will be touching base on are Nordea, Kuias Accelerator, and Ericsson. Based on what we know, Scandinavian countries have been representative of the ideal utopian society in that their citizens receive free healthcare, free education in college, safety retirement, and lengthy paid working vacation.

Based on what we have learned, we have decided to focus on sustainability and technology.  This is a competitive advantage for businesses in Scandinavia. Technology in the Nordic region is increasingly more prominent; therefore, we are looking forward to visiting these companies and learning more about their practices.

Furthermore, we recently have learned people in the Nordic regions believe in environment, competitiveness and happiness. Based on the reading in the following article “Changing world happiness” Table 2 shows the regression to explain the average happiness across various countries. Out of all the countries we will be visiting on this table it showed Finland was number one in satisfaction and happiness. Second, came Denmark, Sweden seventh, Estonia was last being the fifty fifth on the list. We look forward to meeting with a number of companies based in these regions, and being able to compare and contrast what is it that makes life satisfaction a lot higher in these particular countries.

Finally, after meeting with each of these companies we will further discuss how they each remain sustainable in a competitive environment. It may be a common misconception to believe that being sustainable may lead to higher costs; however, the advancements in technology have allowed businesses to maximize profits while being sustainable. We are excited to share this with you guys in our future blog posts!

Vi ses snart!  Kärlek!