A Hearty Mixture of Old and New Sweden

Southern Sweden, slightly warmer and full of history

Southern Sweden is just as beautiful as Norrbotten County; the aerial view of Stockholm shows lush trees and blue ocean can take anyone's breathe away. During the cultural outings, a few of the classmates explored Gamla Stan. The name itself means “Old Town' and home to one of the oldest street recorded. Köpmangatan street was recorded in the 14th century. The archaic buildings and cobbled-stone streets allows a person to imagine them walking around on a movie set. A person can imagine them as prince or a princess, walking among their loyal subjects.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan street

A street in Gamla Stan

New-Old Stockholm, Sweden 

Gamla Stan may be old but the ‘town' is very trendy. Trip to the town during the night, #ChapmanScandinavia2017 group visited a small speakeasy style bar called Pharmarium. A small, dark cocktail bar that makes interesting drinks with local ingredients. The names of the drinks are the most ingenious part of the bar (besides the drinks, themselves).

Cocktails at Pharmarium.

New-New Stockholm, Sweden 

Stockholm is home to many interesting start ups, from tech to consulting companies. The class visited, Spotify, a key player in streaming music. Spotify offers a online streaming music, the company has a large catalog for their subscribers. The company culture is what makes Spotify stand out against the competition. The company finds candidates who are a good fit with the culture. Spotify strives on an open-space office plan and they do not care for a titles or levels.  Everyone's input is important, no matter how small. In some cases they will try old ideas because those ideas might solve the current issues this time around.

Spotify CHRO

With Katarina B.

Living in California, I spend 10 hours a week commuting to my job, volunteering events, and social outgoings; I need entertain myself. Spotify user-friendly platform and current music selections keeps me sane during the LA commute but their strive for company excellent is what keeps me as a ‘premium user'

Stockholm is full of old traditions and new finds that will intrigue the everyone. Take a moment to walk, see, and take in the ‘life' of Stockholm because when you think everything has been seen or experienced, something else pops up.

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