Experience in Stockholm

Gloria and I went to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, which was so amazing. On 10 August 1628, Vasa set sail on her maiden voyage and sank in Stockholm harbour. When we saw Vasa in the museum, we thought it is so beautiful and magnificent, but when we know the Vasa we saw has stayed under the sea for 333 years, we were shocked since it keep its style and still show her glorious after so many years'sleep.The wreck was salvaged in 1961, the reconstructed vessel, 98 percent original, is splendidly adorned with hundreds of carved sculptures. We learned the history and signed with emotion after red the whole story about Vasa. Vasa offers us a unique insight into early 17th-centry Sweden.

Also we visit some firms which impressed me. We came to Ziggy Creative Colony, Kairos Future and Klarna, they all have a great internal working environment. When I walked in their companies, I feel like I love to work here. There have kitchen, sofa, nap chair, small meeting rooms, and comfortable working area. Some people are also working in the kitchen. Gloria and I come from China, compares to US and Sweden, most of companies have no kitchen inside their companies in China. When every work morning, when they think about their work, they may frown and don't want to leave home.This point reminds me what I learned before. How to make your staff contribute their whole hours to their work and how to make them like to stay in office? I think a good working environment is very important to the staff and the development of a company. The staff were so proud of their companies when they talking about them, I can see how much they love their companies.