Excited for the Swede life!

Hi there! My name is Haley Holroyd and I am currently pursuing my MBA at Chapman with concentrations in Strategic Management and Marketing. I am expecting to complete my program December 2022, so this travel course is one of my final four classes! I also attended Chapman for my undergraduate studies, where I received a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership back in 2013. However, I did not do a semester abroad so this is my very first travel course! During my time in undergrad, I began working at Disneyland as an entertainment performer and became fascinated with the magic of marketing and creating value, which ultimately lead me to develop a great appreciation for the integrity of products and services. Eleven years later, I still work for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts with direct leadership over various projects and trainings on the weekends. I also work as an executive assistant to a CFO at a leading dental service organization, where my role has evolved to offering business and organizational support to the company, such as orchestrating financial planning meetings and presentation decks at the C-suite level, leading quarterly department summits and project managing functional overviews, while ensuring cross-functional collaboration and alignment of the finance function with other parts of the organization. Since this will be my first travel course, I am very excited to learn about everything! The differences in culture – both in and out of the workplace, how the various businesses approach marketing, leadership styles, and how Sweden has been able to capture and execute sustainability… to name a few.

Hello everyone! My name is Max Ramos I am finishing up my MBA this fall. I have had the opportunity to study abroad twice during my time in undergrad. I find it interesting to understand business culture and practices while abroad, which is why I decided to study abroad for the third time – to explore a different country and have a deeper understanding of how each country differs. What I want to get from this trip is a deeper understanding of how businesses operate here compare to U.S. businesses. I’d also like to explore the country of Sweden. My goal is to meet at least ten Swedish natives and make a connection with them. During my time in Sweden, I want to reflect back on how each leader manages each company we attend.