Creative Summit 2014 – Day 1

We have been fortunate enough to be invited to this year's Creative Summit in Skelleftea, Sweden. With so many creative minds in one building, it was a truly inspiring day filled with so many ideas and laughter.

The first speaker, Liz Sivell, is a Creative Consultant at Innovation & Explorer. She talked about always innovating and being different to different yourself and/or your product and service. Immersive storytelling is a method that is used by many. By using a combination of emotions, they are able to catch the audiences' attention. Emotions are infectious. Most brands tend to use positive emotions (i.e. Redbull) but using a combination of emotions will create a brilliant advertisement. Another consideration is the use of senses. One sense that is often forgotten is smell. Smell is said to be the most powerful because it triggers people's emotions. All in all, Liz believes that ideas need to be around emotions and senses which will create an experience, which in turn will create more emotions.


The second presenter was Kai Brach, a one-man magazine publisher. He used to be a web designer but he decided to take a complete 180 and get into magazine publishing. What was interesting about Kai was that he did not want to digitalize his magazines but keep them on paper. Considering the current digitalization trend, this is an interesting concept. The publishing of his magazines are made possible by his sponsors and Kickstarter. He has successfully gained a great following and is excited to see what the future holds for “Offscreen.”


The third presenter was a unique one-woman band, Kawehi. A Hawaiian-Japanese girl who has mastered the art of not only singing but also rapping, beat-boxing, and looping. She does it all on her own on one stage. She is a true entertainer, creating her own tunes as well as covers. She is well known for her cover of Nirvana's “Heart Shaped Box.”

The first day of Creative Summit 2014 was very enjoyable and all of us had a great time. We cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds.